Laminated Timber – efficient, comfortable and healthy

Efficient, comfortable and healthy. 

Some may consider wood as a non-durable building material. This stereotype opinion can be easily changed if one remembers that ancient wooden buildings which are several centuries old can still be found standing in many countries of the world. Why then do we see wooden houses which are 50-60 years old ready for demolishing? The problem lies in the non-professional approach to the construction and negligent maintenance of the buildings. VISILLATALOT houses are built following centuries-old experience combined with modern scientific developments. Professionally built modern wooden houses are characterized by long operational service.

Wood has a natural capacity for air-conditioning and can regulate temperature and humidity content in the house naturally. As opposed to the brick and concrete walls, the wooden walls are resistant to humidity and temperature changes, the wood does not overheat in hot weather and does not overcool when there is frost. Thermal and sound insulation features of the laminated timber are much better than those of brick or concrete or even the regular timber. Therefore it’s more economical to use laminated timber as a material for the walls and it will also help you save electricity and heating when maintaining the house. The walls of the wooden house “breathe” maintaining comfortable microclimate inside. Furthermore, when the temperature and humidity change, it does not cause the walls to sweat and therefore, there are no conditions formold to appear and this is not the case in brick and concrete walls where it is inevitable and this can harm the health of the people living in the house. Wooden walls maintain optimal humidity in the house which is ideal for the human health. Wooden house is flavored with essences contained in the wood which prevents the appearance of malignant bacteria. It is scientifically proven that wood possesses positive energy and living in a wooden house influences your health and work efficiencies favorably.

The duration for the construction of laminated timber houses are extremely short in comparison with the duration for the construction of brick and concrete houses.

Due to the low weight of the laminated timber walls – up to 900 kg/m³, laying of the house foundation does not require wide scope of works, it means that building a wooden house does not require a lot of excavation works compared to building houses from any other materials. Our houses are delivered completely ready to be assembled and all holders and fasteners are also included with the delivery. Simply put, building laminated timber houses have no rivals in terms of ease and time as the house is assembled like a LEGO kit and can be ready in a few weeks.

The cost of such construction is much less and the rate of the house construction is much faster than building a house from brick, concrete and other materials. Laminated timber is a dry building material and does not require time for shrinkage. You can move into a built VISILLATALOT house key-ready on the day when the construction is finished. For example, a laminated timber house with the area of 300 m² can be built key-ready within 3 months, from laying the foundation to the complete interior finishing. This is the experience carried out by Finnish construction company VISILLA in Finland.

Interior finishing. 

At present it is quite popular to leave the wooden walls of the house without any finishing which also help save cost since the wooden walls do not need any renovation works for decades . Laminated timber maintains the quality of the wood as it does not possess such characteristics as cracking and distortion. Time passes and you may be tired of the natural look of the timber and you would like to change it, the good news is the renovation will not cost you a lot. Thus, we come to the conclusion that building and maintaining a laminated timber house, notwithstanding the fact that materials are more expensive, is cheaper in the long run as the duration it takes to build it are considerably shorter and excavation works and laying of the foundation as well as interior finishing cost less.

Ecological compatibility

Wood is a natural, ecological building material which cannot be compared with any other building material. The pine carefully grown in the north of Finland has the unique features which other building materials lack. When building our houses, we do not use untested materials or materials which can harm human health. Finland, countries in Northern Europe, Japan, and Canada have strict requirements to the protection of the environment and safety of the population and these are also applied in the glues used in the building – they must be absolutely safe for both the environment and people living in the houses. Hence, there is no doubt that a wooden house is environmentally friendly, its advantage on this over the concrete and brick houses is indisputable. One more factor which needs to be taken into consideration is the influence of the production process and building materials for the houses on people and environment; production of cement, concrete, brick and metal exhausts energy resources of the Earth and influences the environment and the health of the people unfavorably and sometimes even destructively. Wood is not only a naturally renewable building material but the modern way to manufacture wooden houses also gives an opportunity not to spend but to receive additional energy. 

High quality.  

Is the trademark of VISILLATALOT which is recognized in Finland as well as in many countries in Western Europe and Asia. We do not produce laminated timber from the boards; we assemble it from specially sawn and selected lamellas which are made from specially selected trunks of northern pine which is a building material with unique characteristics. Using our laminated timber means ecological compatibility, efficiency and healthy air all year round. Our customers are satisfied with the houses that we have built for them and this is the main criteria for us. If you care about the health and safety of your family, wish to live in your house comfortably and do not want to spend time and money on repairs every year, then it is worth building your house made from VISILLATALOT laminated timber.