Information for dealers

/ 31 03 2014

For many years of operation, VISILLATALOT brand has developed its own methods of effective work in manufacturing and construction of log houses. Over the years, the company has formed an image of professional and reliable partner. Consistently high quality and reliability in our products has allowed us to gain a good reputation and confidence in our products' competitiveness.

Currently, the company continues to develop and is actively seeking to expand their export activities in all countries.

From our point of view, a regional dealer plays an important role in selling the log houses. For a manufacturer of log houses it is difficult to sell houses to customers in different countries directly because of differences in local and business culture, style of communication, customers’ behavior and needs, details of the law, customs regulations and etc.

A local dealer is the link between the Buyer and the Manufacturer, where the Dealer concentrates on sourcing for buyers and constructing the house while keeping the Buyer happy without the headache of worrying about the manufacturing of the house and the Manufacturer concentrates on manufacturing the Buyer’s dream house with high quality and hence both the Dealer and the Manufacturer will make it enjoyable and stress free for the Buyer to achieve their dream house.

Representation of our product gives the dealer an opportunity to work with a product of exceptional quality.  The sky’s the limit when you combine your own reputation for trust and reliability with ours. We are fully committed to our family of dealers by providing consistent high quality log houses, services and support you need in order for our partnership to succeed.

We are currently seeking companies to cooperate with us as a VISILLATALOT dealer in your area and we hope you will join our family of dealers and work towards building a long lasting relationship that are mutually beneficial

Advantages of being a VISILLATALOT dealer:

  • Flexibility in the design of the house; design can either come from the dealer or buyer, or we can design the house according to the dealer or buyer’s wishes or specifications;
  • The manufacturing process of the house and its quality are completely controlled by  VISILLATALOT, thereby ensuring the consistency in quality;
  • Production of the houses uses modern European equipment;
  • Only high-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of the house;
  • You will get progress report at each stage of the process;
  • During each stage of the process, we can calculate accurately and thoroughly the material cost and time schedule in the manufacturing of the house.

Benefit of being our Dealer:

By being a VISILLATALOT dealer, you will get:

  • Dealer prices;
  • Information support, presentation and advertising materials;
  • Professional experience and knowledge of  VISILLATALOT specialists in the  construction of the house, if needed;
  • To use VISILLATALOT’s house catalogues for marketing purposes;
  • Training for dealer’s staff on VISILLATALOT’s products and services.

 After signing the dealership agreement, VISILLATALOT will not deal with direct sales coming from the countries where the official dealers work. The requests from that country’s clients to the head office will be forwarded to the countries’ dealers.

For more information on our dealership offer, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss with you further on how we can work together.  We look forward to hear from you!


Sergei Kapanen


Phone: + 358 40 57 97 927