Construction of a house in Finland. Why is it expensive?

/ 17 02 2014

So let’s see, why the prices of the construction are so high in Finland?

The mean price of the “ready key” house construction is 2 500‑4 000 euro per m2. The price depends on the complexity of the architecture, building and finishing materials.

One on the main factors that depends on the price is severe conditions of safety engineering in Finland. It means that the construction is made on a high level and in a short space of time. In Finland you will not face the arbitrariness of bureaucrat, bureaucracy and bribes. But you have to comply with the Finnish building laws. Buy the Finnish building law it is possible to forbid the construction in spite of the square of a plot. Also you can get a permit for the construction of a house with the smaller floor area than you planed. There are different standards of architecture and finishing of a house in different regions of Finland. That’s why it is necessary to get consultation from the construction company before starting the building.

In Finland the labor force is one of the most expensive in Europe. The mean wages is around 15-20 euro per hour. For an employer it costs twice more – around 30 euro per hour. The trade unions and a tax inspectorate control actively “the backdoor salary” and hourly wages. So there is no cheap labor force, “unqualified builder” and building at night.

It is necessary to understand the difference between a house package and a ready key house. A house from VISILLATALOT is not a basic package house.

Complete set “Premium” includes already all elements for the construction of a house with the full exterior finishing. A customer doesn’t need to buy finishing materials because it is included in price of the set.

If you want to build a house that will give joy many years, buying a house package is not enough. The construction is very important too. The price of a house from Visilla includes the construction of a foundation. The foundation is one of the most important parts of a high quality house.

The Finnish ready key houses from Visilla include not only the building but also the finishing of sauna, interior finishing, sanitary engineering, in-built furniture, household appliances and landscape works.

The construction company Visilla is the approved agent of the company VISILLATALOT improved itself in Europe as a manufacturer of a glued timber houses. We guarantee a high quality of the building materials and works.

Company Visilla not only builds the houses but also designs the architecture and company VISILLATALOT produces the glued timber. It helps to control all the building process and provides the best result.