Configuration PREMIUM includes ahigh-qualityand carefully selected materials of high level.

Raw materials for wood walls logpanelis manually selected lumber, which guarantees quality results.

As roofing material sare offered metal roofing, tile roofing and rolled roofing.

In the kitchen are installed independent oven and independent cooking panel. Kitchen cupboards and doors are equipped with closers that ensure theirs mooth and silent closing.There is a wide range of doors in form and style.

For sauna we offer tarred alder, aspen and heat-treated aspen,which can be used for cladding and ceiling.

There is a wide choice of tiles for shower room. Thus any preferences of the customer will be taken into account.

There is a wide choice of materials for laying floors from laminate to parquet. LVI-and electrical equipment carefully thought through and developed by our designers.

Our experts think through the details of water supply, ventilation, plumbing, electricity projected for each designed buildings.

Choice of surface materialis so diverse, that among them there is one for every interest. Combining various options, Client can get a unique and one of a kind home!