Selling the Finnish glued timber houses

Visillatalot. A Finnish wooden miracle

A wooden house is a warm, kind and suitable miracle. It is a durable and reliable and it reflects owner’s style and status. The Finnish company Visillatalot improved the centuries-old experience of the wooden houses construction.

A unique pine and a pine timber

The Visillatalot uses the Finnish pine for construction. That tree grows in the Finnish cold forests and has the exceptional properties. Pine is an ecologically clean material. But it also has imperfections that should be corrected during the construction. Using the Finnish pine glued timber allowed to correct those imperfections and to increase the useful properties of this building material and as a consequence to raise the sale of the Finnish houses.

The quality is above all

Recently the sales of the prefabricated houses in Visillatalot have risen essentially. Those kind of wooden houses became a popular in Europe, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Japan and other countries because of the Finnish quality of the building materials and works.

Other merits of the houses from Visillatalot

There are other aspects that made Visillatalot the leader in the timber houses selling. Those aspects are:

  • the easiness of the construction and as a consequence the absence of the serious foundation causes the economy;
  • the durability of the building materials, deformation resistance and the absence of shrinkage reduce a time of the construction and to cut down expenses;
  • the antiseptic properties of timber that raises the durability of a house and to make the air pure and fresh;
  • the inflaming resistance. The glued timber houses are more fire resistance then concrete construction;
  • the quickness of the construction. The timber is delivered to the building site ready-to-install;
  • the high quality mounting;
  • the quality control on all stages of the construction;
  • the high quality of the construction service from the design work and building the house to landscape design and work;
  • the substantiated prices.

The Finnish houses. Selling

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