Turn-key construction of the house

Integrated approach to house construction


Everything starts with a sketch. When it involves the most important project of your life, nothing should be considered secondary. Our architects, in cooperation with you, will make all your dreams and desires a reality. The houses designed by our company not only withstand the severe weather conditions; they also meet the highest requirements of our customers as well.


Construction of the House

VISILLATALOT cares about the quality at all stages of the house construction and therefore, we offer to not only design and manufacture your house but also to build it for you. Our customers can choose from different scopes of works based on their own preferences and plans.


Types of Wall Structure

When designing and manufacturing the houses, we use modern production technologies and offering different variants of the structures which is most suitable for each customer.



Our company is actively participating in the international market and therefore our manufactured products are known in many countries worldwide. We can export our products to any countries and deliver them directly to our customers.



Milla 202 Milla 202

Milla 202


6< rooms

Sini 69 Sini 69

Sini 69


3 rooms

Julia 118 Julia 118

Julia 118


4 rooms