Construction of the House

VISILLATALOT is one of the leading Finnish manufacturers of log houses. We are also happy to provide our services to all experts and connoisseurs of quality and comfort in Russia, Eastern Europe and Asia.

All technological processes in our production are verified and automated. The houses that we create are made from the top-grade pine and built following the best traditions of Finnish design which are globally recognized due to the combination of practicality and innovations.

Our company specializes in manufacturing wooden houses with walls made from laminated timber, from timber with additional insulation and wind protection, and with framework structure. Experienced professionals and partners of VISILLATALOT will receive, process and control your order from the design stage to the construction and finishing works of the house. Our architects design using a personal approach with the customers’ requirements in mind. Elements of the house structure are manufactured following the quality standards and are delivered to the construction site completely ready for assembly;they are produced following the specifications, with processed log ends and special marking. The final installation is then performed by the professionals who completed their training in Finland. VISILLATALOT bears full responsibility on the quality of the house after the construction is finished. This is the reason why we ensure that our partners are highly qualified.

When planning to build your own house, remember that the process of creating your house has no secondary stages. Locality and price of the house are not the only important criteria; the quality of the material as well as qualifications and responsibility of the contractors are of no less significance. It will be wise to choose a quality that is internationally trusted.

Below are the different type of options on how we can assist you in the construction of your house.

Framework assembly

You can see how your house will look at the initial stage of the assembly when the framework of your house starts to appear.


Mounting with complete wooden exterior finishing of the house

This option includes mounting windows, doors and finishing the exterior wooden parts of the house.


Mounting with complete exterior finishing of the house

In this option, the complete exterior finishing of the house is done.


Turn-key construction

This option means that all the works are performed by our company.



Construction of the House

Types of Wall Structure