The exterior walls are made from glued laminated timber, but with additional warming - for many people this option seems to be the most preferred. In many European countries, such houses are being built and they are used for centuries and do not need any recommendations.

FinnCotec design of the house represents the supporting wooden frame with exterior walls from profiled beam. The minimum thickness of the log is 70mm and exterior corners can be made in ‘urban’ version, i.e. with or without allowances, imitating thickness of any kind of timber.


The wall structure assembled by Finnkotech technology includes:

  1. Exterior wall – profiled beam, for example, 70x180mm, pine.
  2. Cross corner joint, imitation of beam 202x180mm, (another option – ‘city’ corner joint or short cross corner joint in other words).
  3. Battens frame 45x145mm or Diels frame 45x195mm, pine.
  4. Heat and sound proofing "Ecowool" (thickness corresponds to the frame width).
  5. Airtight paper Kraft VCL.
  6. The interior siding panels 20x180mm.

FinnCotec wall combines two types of walls: the exterior part of the wall that looks like a timber wall and the interior one which has the same characteristics as the FinnCopan frame wall.

For the northern regions, similar to FinnCopan Plus design, we designed FinnCotec Plus wall which has improved thermal insulation properties due to the additional layer of Ecowool insulation.


In this case, the wooden walls from a thin beam and natural insulation work as a whole. Due to the natural structure of the material, FinnCotec is similar to a regular wall of a wooden house. All materials used in the house construction are natural and eco-friendly. This technology, in the case of frame walls, eliminates shrinkage and provides windproof walls.


Construction of the House

Types of Wall Structure